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April 19, 2016


If you have not jumped on the marketing marvel of social media for your business, you may be missing the boat. The power of social media today almost means that if you are not online with one of the major social media outlets out there, you may as well be invisible. The power of social media in getting your business presence noticed can not be denied in this digital age.
There are many benefits of providing your business with an online presence via social media. We will discuss a few here.


One of the major benefits of linking in with the major social media sources such as Facebook or Twitter is the cost. It is free. Yes, free. You can list your business page on either of these social media platforms without paying a cent. These broad social media services pervade the entire world, and they are checked into daily by millions of people. The benefit of putting your business onto this world-wide platform is that people WILL find you. These free platforms attract millions of people at no cost to your business. They will stay and follow you, as long as you keep them interested and engaged.


This is where you can exercise your creativity in blogs and Tweets, or your Facebook posts. Yes, these platforms are entirely free, and that means that everyone will likely jump on that bandwagon. However, for your business to stand out and be noticed, and then keep people’s attention, you need to have something interesting for them to follow. Your creativity can shine in so many ways on social media, and it is new each day via tweets or Facebook postings. You are engaging your customers each day with a post, and that will keep them interested in your business, and therefore return often, and recommend it to others.


This is where links come in. If your child is in need of a dentist and you are not sure where to go, whom do you usually ask? One or two people in your family or close friends or co-workers.However, with the power of social media, people are now posting queries for businesses on their Facebook walls or asking via Twitter. All of a sudden their hundreds of friends and acquaintances will have recommendations for them, based on their experiences. They have seen your need via social media and can point you to a page on the SAME social medium where you have just posted! If you have your business online in any social media service, it is so easy for others to recommend them to their “friends” and anyone they are connected with. The connections you can make on social media benefit your business in drawing customers to you, and allowing them to recommend your business very quickly to others.


Most businesses will have an email or phone number on their webpage or even in the phone book for customers to get a hold of you. This connection is critical for people to be able to ask questions and contact you for information. However, this can often take days, and you have to wade through a bunch of emails that might be long and overlooked. The great thing about Twitter is that your customers are limited to a small number of words and have to be concise, as do you in your reply. This means your customers can contact you and ask a pertinent, brief question and allows you to respond almost immediately with a brief response. The same goes for Facebook posts. These are usually very direct and can be answered right away on your wall. These unique ways to contact your business will allow customers to communicate with you more often.


You know when you are watching a TV show or listening to the radio, you usually get up to get a snack during the commercials? When you are advertising your business on social media, people are coming directly to you, rather than you relying on them to catch your advertisement rather than grabbing some chips. You are targeting the audiences that are looking for you online. Social media is excellent when you want to draw in those people who are doing their shopping online, or looking for a local business online. Someone who is searching out a business or a service will likely hit a high Facebook page during their search, or have people recommend a Facebook business page to them more frequently than seeing it on a television commercial.

The benefits of social media marketing for your business are many, and great. The time it takes to post a tweet or a pot on your wall is minimal, but packs a giant impact on potential customers and returning customers alike. The engaging form of daily tweets and posts will keep them interested and coming back.

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