Building A Better Website

April 17, 2016

Better Website? Yes, please!

The main objective of any website, created for an online business, is to retain visitors and attract new ones. This is also the characteristic that distinguishes a good and an organized website from others. There is a purpose involved in the creation of a website. Websites, being created for personal uses, may not have a purpose, but they are very low in number. A better websites one which eases the process of navigation for its visitors. For instance, a website on portfolio would flourish if it is viewed and read by many people. Any company or a person doing online business, would look up to your website for marketing their products or to get some information. But many people are more attracted by what they see graphically. While this is true and is quite harmless, we should empathize with our visitors and find out their state of mind when they pay a visit to our website. This would help us in building a better website


Let us look at two different scenarios to understand the importance of navigation in the betterment of a website.

1st situation: The website is planned well and has a couple of hyperlinks to take you to the target content, navigation is excellent and placement of content is also good.

2nd situation: The navigation of the website is not so good, the fonts are not very legible to read from and the buttons for navigation are not placed in a handy area for further use.

Which of the above situations is good? Which is a better website?

In the first situation, we have taken into account the fact that a visitor would always be focused on reaching the content that they are searching for. An example, would be when a person visits your website with the idea of buying your product and wants to know more details about it. With good navigational tools, they find what they are looking for without much trouble.

In the second scenario, however, the visitor has stumbled onto your page and wants to know about the product. There are chances of them getting lost in the fancy designs and fonts, the time it takes to load, etc.

When we look at both the situations, it is pretty clear, that the website in the first situation, is designed to be a better website than the second one.

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