Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO has many iterations, and our team can help you sort through the following:

  • Mobile solutions including bespoke designs
  • Optimising for the growing trend to browse sites on different browsers and devices
  • SEO both onsite and offsite
  • Performance site analysis that is thorough and complete
  • Reports on progress each month


Your optimisation goals for the future should include boosting your mobile SEO platform, given the rise in popularity over the last few years.

The demand for mobile search solutions has taken a huge leap as people begin to use their smartphones more often than desktop browsers.

Businesses are recognising that customers will be looking for them on their mobile devices and as such, need to create sites dedicated to mobile applications, and ensure that these websites are well established to be found in such applications as Google Mobile.  Building your mobile site is the jumping off point, with the optimization coming as you confirm potential customers can find you quickly and easily on their mobile device search engines.

This up and coming marketing niche are well understood by the experts at Ferrowtech Digital Marketing.  Mobile optimization can be found in two parts.  The first being the limitations of browsers and platforms creating the need to redesign the site to meet these restrictions.

The second is the need to confirm the search requirements of the customer and optimize the site to those requirements.

Mobile SEO Strategies

Those clients who wish to have a leg up on their competition have already seen results with our bespoke mobile SEO services.  Given the highly popular nature of mobile SEO for businesses lately, it is our goal to ensure complete comprehension of the implications for our potential and returning clients.

In determining your needs for mobile SEO packages, you can be sure that our sales team can offer you the best and most thorough information to help you make your decisions.  In the end, you will have a website that can be found and is accessible on any device your potential customers may be employing.

Our particular expertise in iOS and Android is extensive, though we have a thorough working knowledge of all the leading operating systems and platforms.

The skilled professional team at Ferrowtech will partner with the in-house mobile app specialists to bring you a competitively priced service package.

When optimising your site for mobile devices, we can provide to you the following:

  • Location services, ensuring that your business is featured in your local area.
  • Mobile-specific search terms are now needed due to the small screens and character limitations; we will be able to revamp your site to accommodate this.
  • Placement of your brand into the relevant predictive search categories becomes pivotal with the speed of predictive search.
  • User agent detection technologies can cause a few wrinkles, which we will ameliorate to accommodate different browsers and platforms.
  • Each provider has an accurate presentation standard, which we will standardize your site to.
  • Exposure to your site can be maximized to if we submit your website to company listings and directories.