Your website can benefit greatly from the use of Google Analytics, a free, productive web analytics apparatus.  With it, you get the following:

  • Keyword analysis to find the greatest effect
  • Recognition of profit sources
  • Revision and detailed SEO plans
  • Click-through rate tracking
  • Tracking and analysis of the actions of visitors
  • Monitor your return on investment

Google Analytics  has the full approval of the team at Ferrowtech Digital Marketing.

Businesses would be unable to view their pertinent data and oversee the online ad campaigns that are aimed at performance, without the use of Google Analytics.

This software is intelligent and advanced, and as such, is a valuable tool in your business. You will be able to oversee all aspects of your website with this completely free software, and distinguish the following:

  • Dominant traffic sources
  • The keywords this traffic has been attracted by
  • The most often seen pages
  • The areas your conversions originate
  • The success of your ad campaign
  • Identifying where tweaks can be made to improve performance

You may be able to get away with having this software installed by a non-professional, but to make the most of the software, professional installation and operation is recommended.

The program will have a myriad of data available to you; this is not enough to benefit from Google Analytics. A full comprehension of the program and its output will enable you to optimize your ad campaigns and fully prosper.

You will not only benefit on your bottom line with this program but also boost your confidence in your SEO and PPC campaigns with use and understanding of the program.

If your website is your main source of income, Google Analytics is the best bet for your online retail company.  With this program monitoring your website, any issues that come up are immediately detected, allowing you to fix problems immediately. We are able, as Google Analytics specialists, to optimize your sit data to coordinate with your goals, while we keep customers on your site and work to optimize your conversions.

Your website will benefit from the extensive experience our personnel at Ferrowtech Digital Marketing has with Google Analytics, from implementation to analysis.

All of our web tech specialists have a high level of competence in working with the program, as evidenced by their Google Analytics Individual Qualification.  Each of our technicians will have had experience dealing with any number of businesses, ranging from international companies to the self-employed small business owner, and will have the high quality skills and expertise you are looking for.

Your website deserves to work at its optimum level, and with our skilled consultants at your side you will be able to use the web analysis software to your advantage.  Your and your employees can even request a training session with the software so you are able to use it on a daily basis with the utmost confidence.

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices if you would like more information on this incredible program available to you.  Our sales consultants will be more than happy to speak with you at your convenience.